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Academic Support Resources


    • Kuta Software has a plethora of worksheets for different math courses, ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. If you need some extra practice problems, check Kuta!
    • Math Open Reference is a great website for geometry that illustrates different topics. Having interactive visuals to see postulates and theorems in practice can help students memorize them for
    • PurpleMath provides very clear examples and walk-throughs for different math topics. Navigating and searching on the website itself can be tricky, so just Google “the topic+Purple Math” to get right to the page.
    • Paul’s Online Math Notes is our go to for calculus. Paul, who teaches at Lamar University, goes over topics, provides pertinent formulas, and works example problems. This website is good to use as a refresher.
    • Algebra I Formula Sheet
    • Geometry Formula Sheet
    • Precal & Algebra II Formula Sheet


    • Bozeman Science is an excellent website put together by Paul Anderson, an experience education and YouTube creator. The site covers almost all high school science.
    • ScienceGeek.Net has really helpful PowerPoints and reviews of different concepts for chemistry. The website itself is a little clunky to navigate, but the information is really good once you find it!
    • The Physics Classroom is great for first-year physics students. The explanations are not overly complicated, and there are plenty of diagrams.
    • Periodic Table
    • Bibliothequer french dissertation and academic papers examples


  • AP Study Notes has a great section on AP US History. This site includes thorough timelines and topic outlines that are a lot easier to read than the typical APUSH textbook.
  • Freeman-pedia has a lot of fun graphics to help demonstrate the topics of AP World History

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