Our Test Preparation service helps prepare students for a range of standardized tests, entrance exams, and honors exams. Each Cram Crew session is in-home, around your schedule, and completely customizable. Your student will be assigned a Math Consultant and a Verbal Consultant, who will work simultaneously to help identify your student’s strengths and work to improve your student’s weaknesses. Your Consultants will help your student plan study timelines, set scoring goals, and learn content. Included in this service are Mock Exams–practice standardized tests that mimic a real testing environment.

What to Expect:

One-on-one, in-home sessions

Sessions take place in the convenience of your home. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, sessions can always take place at a library, coffee shop, or book store. The possibilities are endless.

Two Consultants: one math and one verbal

Each Cram Crew Consultant goes through a thorough training process (30+ hours!), which involves completing practice tests and homework, learning test-taking strategies, and performing teach backs. On top of that, we run an extensive background check to ensure the safety of our students.

Cram Manuals to help supplement sessions

Did you know that we write our own materials? We are on the 6th Edition of our ACT Cram Manual! Each Cram Manual has been thoroughly researched, reviewed, and designed by our Development team.

To-the-minute Billing

Our packages are sold in hours and then billed to the minute after the first 30 minutes. This gives students the flexibility to tailor their sessions around their strengths and weaknesses. 

Free Mock Exams

Want to know what to expect test day? Come in and take a free Mock Exam! If you’re new to the Test Preparation game, Mock Exams can give you a great place to start: they’ll show you exactly where you’re comfortable and where you need more practice while also giving you a concrete starting point from which to track your growth. Mock Exams are free for our Test Preparation clients!

Baseline Diagnostic Exams

Our Baseline Diagnostic Exam is a carefully selected exam taken under simulated testing conditions that will help consultants jump-start a student’s Test Preparation process. This exam also comes with a specially crafted Assessment that will allow consultants to better identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and more efficiently craft an overall game plan to maximize their sessions. If you’re new to Cram Crew, the Baseline Diagnostic Exam is the test for you! 

Personalized test-taking strategies for each student

Need to focus on English instead of math? We got you. Our Consultants are trained to help maximize sessions so that your student feels confident come test day. 

Flexibility and Consultant expertise in multiple tests

Our Consultants are trained to help with a myriad of tests.