Jacqueline “JP” Montgomery


As a Developer at Cram Crew, JP helps employees develop into successful consultants! She assists in writing new materials, processes, and trainings that help consultants deliver excellent service to our clients. She trains new Verbal and College Readiness consultants, and collects test results to track our clients’ progress. Before becoming a Developer, she was a consultant in all 3 of our service lines: Test Preparation, Academic Support, and College Readiness. She’s curious about how things work, and passionate about process improvements that create better experiences for both clients and employees!

JP is originally from the San Antonio, Texas area, and moved to Houston in 2013 to attend the University of Houston. At UH, she studied marketing and supply chain management. Before coming to Cram Crew, she had worked as a data analyst and an art restoration technician.

Outside of Cram Crew, JP enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, friends, and American Bobtail cat, Waffle. She likes to crochet, listen to podcasts, sing karaoke (badly, but passionately!), and is learning to skateboard.

“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.”

– Tina Fey