Cram Crew’s “Study Hall” is an opportunity for students to self-study or work on Test Preparation homework in a quiet environment with quick access to support from experienced consultants. Each current client with a Test Preparation package will receive five complimentary “Hall Passes” to use as they see fit. One Hall Pass will be redeemed for attending one Study Hall session, even in part. Additional Hall Passes may be purchased for $25 and are only available to clients who have a Test Preparation package.

Please give our office a call or email us at (Houston) or (Austin) for the schedule and availability for Study Hall leading up to the July ACT in both our Houston and Austin locations.

As this is a complimentary service and we have limited seating, all students must call or email in advance to register. We will have 5 seats available for each session, and we ask that students only reserve a seat in one session per day. Drop-ins are strongly discouraged as we cannot ensure there will be a seat available. If we do not have any students registered for a session 24-hours prior to the start time, we will cancel that session. We ask that students stay for the entire time scheduled, but please inform us if you need to arrive late or leave early for any reason.

What to expect:

Students should arrive on time with their own materials to work on and a plan for what they would like to accomplish. This could include homework assigned by their Test Preparation consultants, Mock Exams they want to review (please let us know in advance if you would like to review a Mock Exam and we can pull the test booklet for you), or other TP-related materials they would like to work through on their own. An experienced consultant will be available for the entire session to assist students with any questions they might have. Please note that this program is not designed to provide classroom-based instruction or special materials, but rather a supportive environment for self-study. If you are looking for a dedicated program with classroom-based instruction, you may be interested in The Extra Point (